Creative Cosplay Fantasy Work

Stop the boring cellphone Cosplay / Fantasy pictures and get creative. Get your Cosplay images shot at you house or my in home studio and then let me get creative. Contact ET to find out more.



It was raining hard outside so I decided to sit down with photoshop and see what I can accomplish with some of my older images. The idea I had was to create artwork in the fantasy genre. After the dust settled this was my first attempt and I really like it. I’m currently working with a cosplay model so more artwork is on the horizon.


Serena Williams is in town

Its that time of year professional tennis is back in Cincinnati (for the next week at least) and I was lucky enough to get invited back as a photographer for the Western Southern tournament. I took this shot last night of Serena Williams in her easy (for her at least) win over Daria Gavrilova. Serena has to be the most successful pro athlete of all time.


I'm still here.

My latest upload to my print for sale site,

Its a digital charcoal drawing of Jomo.  A male silverback gorilla living at the Cincinnati Zoo. 


Pet Portraits

I was able to do some pet portraits last week and learned that some pets pose better than some humans.  Nice job Sam and Chloe.


The Banks

The Banks here in Cincinnati runs between the entertainment district and Ohio River.  Its become the place to visit here in Cincinnati.  I found out in late May that, yes, you are able to get married on The Banks.  I shot this for Maxim Photo Studio.


Nicole & Tony's Wedding Day

It was as if mother nature knew Nicole and Tony were getting married and stopped raining during the important parts of the day.  Lake Lyndsay was the perfect venue for the happy couple.


Kristyn & Cody Engagement

Thanks to both Kristyn and Cody for spending a crisp April morning with me visiting two beautiful Cincinnati locations.  Kristyn choose two perfect spots for her and Cody's engagement pictures; Ault Park and The Banks.  I look forward to shooting their wedding in December.  


Gotham Soccer

To keep myself busy during the weekdays I picked up a small sports job shooting for Gotham Soccer.   Their spring league started last Sunday and I was asked to cover the opening.  


Lost in Technology

I am a big fan of technology and follow advancements being made some of the tech giants.  However, sometimes I think technology is taking us in the wrong direction.  While visiting my son in Florida my wife and I decided to soak up the warmth of the beach.  Back home it was snowing and ice covered the streets.  Yet, in southern Florida it was warm and beautiful.  While my wife was taking in some sun (even on overcast days the sun peaks through on a beach), I was people watching and noticed almost everyone was on their cellphones. Gone are the footballs, Frisbees and frolicking in the sand of yesteryear.  And before you ask, yes, I took the picture with a cellphone. 


Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas season and happy New Year.  I'm looking forward to the 2018 photography year.

Where did the summer go?

I can't believe it is almost Christmas.  I stayed pretty busy for 2017 and looking to repeat in 2018.  I hope everyone has a great and family time Christmas. 


Maybe its just me, but I've found it is harder to capture good images of a guy than a girl.  Logan was different.  He never stopped smiling and was easy to pose.  Logan made is senior portrait session very easy. 


An hour with Morgan

I just loved spending my Sunday morning photographing Morgan.  A true natural in front of the camera.  A beautiful day decorated with fall colors just added to her senior picture.  


Michelle & Marty

ETPhoto 436.jpg

Michelle & Marty picked the perfect venue for their wedding.  The farm setting was stunning, making my job as a photographer much easier.  The happy bride and groom have chosen to have their images uploaded to the web so their friends and family can view them.  To download an image just click on the image and underneath that image is a little down arrow, click that arrow. Click here for the images. 

Ben & Shelby's Engagement

A cute couple, a beautiful farm and a gorgeous fall day made my job as a photographer a lot easier.  This past Sunday, I was able to capture a few images of Ben & Shelby while walking around a local Indiana farm. 



Just finished up taking Adam's senior pictures.  Shot at one of my favorite locations on a beautiful day.