Changing my look

As you can probably tell I've changed the look of my website.  This one, I believe, is a little more modern looking.  Hope you like it.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Florida is located on the Atlantic coast and caters to the tourist population.  I prefer more of a secluded vacation spot but if you look closely Daytona does hold some beauty.  Luckily I'm an early riser so getting up to capture the beautiful sunrise wasn't that difficult.    

Some early morning fishing pelicans.

Some early morning fishing pelicans.

Sunrise bike rider

Sunrise bike rider

For those geographically challenged, this is a sunrise, not sunset.  

For those geographically challenged, this is a sunrise, not sunset.  

Another early morning fishermen, this time human.

Another early morning fishermen, this time human.

I never photographed someone surfing before but couldn't resist while watching a group of teens hitting the waves.   

I never photographed someone surfing before but couldn't resist while watching a group of teens hitting the waves.


Water Lily

I'm not a big fan of flower photography but I couldn't resist after seeing this water lily in the morning light.  Had to post it.

The Center, Downtown Cincinnati

Located close to Fountain Square on 5th Street is The Center.  Available, obviously, for wedding receptions.  Never shot there before and I was amazed how nice it was.  Shot for Ron Shuller.

Lucky Parents

Doing mostly weddings, I look forward to these fun family shoots.  The great weather helped but the real joy was the young & happy family.  Oh yeah, I photographed their wedding a few short years ago. 

Diana Lynn School of Dance

It's the 2nd Saturday in May so that must mean another day spent with Diana Lynn and her dance students for picture day.   Thanks to Diana and her 50 years of experience, picture day runs like a well oiled machine. I'm just happy I'm part of it. 

I have no life.

When you get excited over a new, but simple, tripod bag, you discover that maybe you don't have a life. :)  Using it tonight at a wedding.

My New Workstation

I decided to pull the trigger and upgrade my workstation.  New computer, monitor & desk were the new additions.  I've always worked with two monitors but one of them was old and like with everything, I wanted bigger.  The Dell computer is armed with an Intel 6th Generation i7 processor and loaded with 16 gb of RAM.  Needless to say, its pretty fast.  After processing my first wedding with it I've come to the conclusion I made the right move.   Maybe my next upgrade will be moving out of the basement and upstairs in one of my empty rooms. 

Kicking off the 2016 Wedding Season

So, this past Friday my 2016 wedding season kicked off with a great couple.  Shot at one of my favorite venues, The Phoenix in downtown Cincinnati.  Even though it was February the weather was warm enough to get a few outdoor shots.  Photographed for Ron Shuller's Creative Images Photography.

The Moon

Its there every night, all you got to do is photograph it.  This morning's moon, around 6:30 during my first cup of coffee.


Had some great fun photographing a traveling model passing through town.  Thanks Desiree, it was a blast.

Laurel & Adam

I can't forget the puppy.  When I posted a group of these pictures on my Facebook page this image received the most likes.   I hate to say, probably isn't because of Laurel or Adam, had to be the puppy. :)  It was a fun shoot.


Cincinnati's night skyline makes for a perfect picture.  No matter what the occasion, in this case a wedding, a lighted / dark background just adds to the image.  This happy bride & groom didn't let the earlier rain spoil their perfect day. 

This image shot for Ron Shuller.

This image shot for Ron Shuller.

Bridge Logistics

I was lucky enough to land a business portrait job at Bridge Logistics in West Chester Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.  It turned out to be a really fun job.  Thanks Bridge Logistics, Jim (one of the owners) and Logan (for being so kind).

Nelly & Christopher

A fun Bride & Groom at an awesome venue like the Cincinnati Nature Center equals a great day of photography.  I loved capturing the happy couple's wedding memories.

Sheri & Steven

Couldn't have asked for a better bride & groom and the awesome weather just added to the beauty of the wedding.  Thanks for letting me part of your special day Sheri & Steven.