Your wedding is a big day and is part of your investment in your future and family.  ET Photography should be a part of that investment.  Your makeup, wedding dress, tuxedo, the church, reception hall, flowers, cake, bar bill and catered food will all be gone the next day.   Your pictures will be the only thing that will remain.  Invest in the photography,  let ET capture the moments that will last forever.


ET Photography offers an a la carte packaging theme.  You purchase the basic shoot-n-burn package and build from there if you wish to add more.  That way, you, not the photographer, designs the package.

The Shoot-n-burn is up to 8 hours of photography coverage and 5 locations.  You will receive the color / exposure corrected images copied to a USB Flash Drive.  The images are yours to do with what you wish and the package includes a signed release.   ET, with his 30 years of experience, will be your photographer for the day.  All that for only $1499.  

Contact ET for a more detailed price sheet.


ET normally starts shooting several hours before the ceremony.  You can start your day of photography while you are getting ready and end it deep into your reception.  ET works with each couple with the times and locations of their choice.

Have a small wedding?  No problem.  ET Photography has you covered.  A 3 hour shoot-n-burn package is offered as well for only $449.

ET uses all professional Nikon gear and has backup equipment for everything.