A nice "Thank You"

I just got an email from my latest wedding couple thanking for their pictures. I really enjoy getting these types of emails. I will share some of it.

“Second, thank you so much for all you did for our wedding – the pictures are just fantastic!  I had almost 500 of them printed and they’re already in albums.  We had dinner with our best man/matron of honor last night and took the pictures with us.  They said you took the best picture of the two of them they’ve EVER had taken – including their wedding!   You captured the moments perfectly and we are so so grateful!”

2019 Western Southern Open

Another year another great tennis tournament here in Cincinnati. I consider myself an above average tennis fan and three years ago I got the opportunity to join the staff of photographers that shoot for the Western Southern Open. Even though it is a lot of work its a fun week. Here are just a few images from earlier this month.

Madison Keys won her first Western Southern Open.

Madison Keys won her first Western Southern Open.

Maria Sharapova.

Maria Sharapova.

Another one of Maria Sharapova.  I must admit, I took a lot of her.

Another one of Maria Sharapova. I must admit, I took a lot of her.


Portrait Lighting

Portrait lighting makes or brakes a good portrait. Often, while visiting local parks, I see, what I assume are paid photographers, using NO off camera lighting while shooting someone’s portrait. They call themselves “natural light” photographers. Which sometimes means “I don’t know how to use off camera lighting”. Natural light is very important when shooting outdoor portraits but filling in shadows around the face (mostly the eyes) is key on getting that successful portrait. Knowing how to light a portrait can create a certain mood or look. I shot this portrait a few weeks ago and wanted to capture the texture in the skin. I wanted to show the model’s age because it was important to the message I wanted to give the viewer. This is a 90 year old Korean War veteran.


Love Birds

I love the power of photoshop. I took this image I took at the Cincinnati Zoo last month and turned it into a work of art. Check out the link in the “For Sale” page for more information.


Gotham Soccer

Gotham’s Adult League Soccer here in Cincinnati has games at various locations. However, the men’s league that play on Wednesdays at Voice of America Park in West Chester took place last night. I was lucky enough to be paid to shoot the game.


Diana Lynn School of Dance

I celebrated my 5th year shooting for Diana Lynn’s School of Dance and picture day went smooth - as usual. Diana Lynn makes the job easy and making the day more like fun then work.



My wife and I traveled to the state of Arizona earlier this April.  I’ve been in the western half of the United States before but never to Arizona.  We flew to Phoenix, rented a car and made our first stop for the night in Sedona.  Seeing the beautiful landscapes in this part of the world got my photography juices flowing.  We ate a late lunch, grabbed my camera and set out on a short drive along the Upper Red Rock Loop.   I quickly came to the conclusion that Arizona is simply beautiful.


We got up the next morning and drove 3 hours to Page Arizona because next on the agenda was Horseshoe Bend and the slot canyons.  We took a private tour, on Navajo lands, that included a secluded spot overlooking Horseshoe Bend.  It was amazing. 


The slot canyons, more specifically, Antelope Canyon, was one of mother nature’s gems.  The canyons are small pathways cut through the sandstone by millions of years of water and wind.  The walls are smooth, and it was as if mother nature herself was trying her hand at abstract art.  We took a private photography tour, again on Navajo land, and here is where my camera got a workout. 


Being a huge John Wayne fan, the next part of our Arizona journey was probably my favorite part of the trip.  Monument Valley (which is actually just over the border in Utah) is were John Wayne and director John Ford teamed up to make some of Wayne’s most memorable films.  Because of the time difference it was easy for me to get up and capture the sunrise.  


The final leg of our trip was two days in the Grand Canyon.  Here is where mother nature shines.  It is just mind boggling trying to take everything in and grasp what you are actually seeing.  Again, my camera was working overtime. 


All of the American western frontier is stunning. However, Arizona is where mother nature did some of her best work.  Everyone should add a trip to that part of the world to their bucket list. 

Denise & Justin

It was a chilly March day but Denise was a trooper. Thanks to Denise & Justin for letting be a part of their special day.


Night time in the Everglades

Yes it was kind of scary but at the same time, a little exciting. Walking the trails of the Everglades at night (or at least when the sun first went down). Something everyone should try at least once. I added this image to my wildlife gallery and prints are available for sale. https://ed-taylor.pixels.com/

American Alligator lurking in the Everglades

American Alligator lurking in the Everglades

Cincinnati in the winter

I was hoping for a good snow and mother nature didn’t disappoint. In mid January we had a heavy snow so I grabbed my camera and headed to one of my favorite spots, Spring Grove. I’m there a lot in the warmer months so I thought it fair I made a trip in the cold.

Snow in Spring Grove.jpg

First Look

One of my favorite things to witness during the wedding day, the First Look. Luckily, I get to photograph a lot of them. Thanks to Kate & Nick for letting me be part of their day.


Kristyn & Cody

A chilly rainy Saturday on the 1st of December didn’t damper any fun on Kristyn & Cody’s wedding. I really have a fun time shooting weddings and this bride and groom made if even better. Thanks to the happy couple for letting me part of their day.


Cincinnati Skyline

One of the most popular spots in Cincinnati is anywhere where the skyline along the Ohio River is visible. After the last Bengals loss I needed an emotional outlet so I grabbed my camera and headed down to the river. Besides, I wanted to capture the visiting faris wheel before it left. Prints of this image (and many more) are for sale here.


Natalie's Senior Pictures

Nothing better than a fun senior and a lot of autumn leaves for some pictures. Mother Nature was nice to us as we explored Whitewater Park for some great picture taking locations. Thats Natalie for letting me be your photographer.


Creative Cosplay Fantasy Work

Stop the boring cellphone Cosplay / Fantasy pictures and get creative. Get your Cosplay images shot at you house or my in home studio and then let me get creative. Contact ET to find out more.



It was raining hard outside so I decided to sit down with photoshop and see what I can accomplish with some of my older images. The idea I had was to create artwork in the fantasy genre. After the dust settled this was my first attempt and I really like it. I’m currently working with a cosplay model so more artwork is on the horizon.


Serena Williams is in town

Its that time of year professional tennis is back in Cincinnati (for the next week at least) and I was lucky enough to get invited back as a photographer for the Western Southern tournament. I took this shot last night of Serena Williams in her easy (for her at least) win over Daria Gavrilova. Serena has to be the most successful pro athlete of all time.


I'm still here.

My latest upload to my print for sale site, http://ed-taylor.pixels.com/

Its a digital charcoal drawing of Jomo.  A male silverback gorilla living at the Cincinnati Zoo.